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5 Simple Steps


What is ChemSmog?

ChemSmog is designed as an easy-access online platform where slow- and non-moving stock, materials close to expiration, expired materials, and out-of-spec materials can be sold. Thanks to its digital nature, ChemSmog can reach customers rapidly, through all sizes of industry, and without geographic limitations. 

What are the advantages of using ChemSmog?

Valorise and deliver sustainable solutions
Optimise resource efficiency & effectiveness
Grant easy entry point for small and medium enterprises

What is connection to ChemChimp?

ChemSmog is an ChemChimp brand, both focussing on delivering digital solutions for the specialty chemical industry.

ChemChimp is an online platform developed to provide easy and comprehensive access to specialty chemicals for everyone beginning with producers, dealers, technical professionals.


Why did ChemSmog initiate an electronic Auction House

We have created the electronic auction house with the intent to sell fixed lots or equipment through competitive bidding, providing fair market value. This enables a buyer to determine their personal market value for a specific unit. Auctions eliminate long negotiation periods and focus on timely purchasing.

How can you participate?

Depending on the type of auction initiated by the seller, an interested buyer may bid according to a scaling process. Since our aim is to sell different types of lots, we have decided to install a incremental percentage based bidding system, in which the bidder can select 5, 10 or 20% instalments.

It is our main goal to facilitate deal closure and prevent potential disposal of goods, therefore, if an auction falls silent before the expiration date, we will connect with the seller and verify if their intent is to continue or to nominate the highest bidder as winner.

Is ChemSmog free to use?

Yes, using the platform is free of charge, no subscrition fee and no monthly costs. ChemSmog withholds a small commission on successful sales.

Do I need to be a registered company to use ChemSmog?

Yes, in order to utilise the ChemSmog platform a company registration is required and will be verified upon account registration.

How to register as Customer?

In order to purchase products it is important to register as Customer using the following link, once registered you can view the product details of products available for sale and place an order.

How to register as Vendor?

In order to sell products it is important to register as Vendor using the following link, once registered you can upload products, set sale price and selling conditions.

How to upload a material?

Materials are uploaded through the vendor dashboard at the account information section. Once in the vendor dashboard products can be created and uploaded.

How to place an order?

Placing an order can be done by all registered customers, select a product of interest and proceed through either “add to cart” or “buy now”

How is payment handled?

All payment is 100% in advance to the platform, upon delivery of the material the money is released to the vendor.