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ChemChimp will be presenting at the ChemSpecEurope conference in Basel Switzerland. (24-25 May 2023)

In this session the focus will be on the significance of digital progression to enable sustainable employment and reduce environmental impact. Digitalisation is rapidly transforming classical business value chains and corporate structures. Adoption of digital technologies and embracement of diversified working styles have been accelerated by pandemic, war, and global energy transition. With approximately 27 percent of the workforce emerging from Generation Z by 2025, with modern attitudes, values, and beliefs, it is paramount to associate their view on employment with current business models. In addition, digital developments can greatly contribute to a more resource efficient economy by optimizing and re-inventing value chains.

In this context start-ups, like ChemChimp, seize a pioneering role in developing and facilitating the introduction of digitalisation of the business environment.

ChemSpec Europe